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While Evita, as a classic to the musical theatre stage, isn’t known for its flashy dance numbers, Choreographer Nancy Flores doesn’t miss an opportunity to show off a great deal of Latin American influenced dance styles. Though the Spotlighters stage presents an enormous challenge when it comes to arranging any sort of complex movement, Flores handles the challenge with a seasoned flare, dancing only a small contingency of the female or male ensemble at any one time. Mostly using tango, flamenco, and salsa influences, Flores alights a hot-blooded feel to the dance routines that shimmy their way across the stage in ensemble numbers like “Buenos Aires.”   Theatre Bloom



Choreography by Nancy Flores was energetic, even in this tiny space where there isn’t really anywhere to go.  There was some surprisingly sophisticated tango action happening and “Waltz for Eva and Che” was just lovely. The Bad Oracle

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