Refining technique and performance skills

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Latin Dance Drill Class


4 pm


Practice and practice correctly! A 45 minute class designed to practice and drill technique for Rumba, Cha cha, Samba, and Jive.  Learn exercises to improve posture, balance, latin  hip movements, turns, hip twists actions, footwork, sprials, arn movement, spine articulation, focus, connections, stretch, breathe,  organically and beautifully!!

Samba Syllabus and Technique


7 pm


Beginner level and up. This class reviews Samba body movements and  fundamental steps from Bronze to Gold level.  An emphasis on body and foot timing along with upper body poise and carriage  create a free and rhythmical expression.

Rumba Latin Technique & Syllabus


12 pm

This class is designed to teach the intricate latin body movement through drilling and application to syllabus figures from bronze thru gold.  Special attention is given to musicality and partnering.