ZOOM Class Schedule    with NONCI for   Nov-Dec 2020!

Nonci is excited to provide these fully interactive virtual classes through Zoom.  Here is a list of group classes AND she is also available for private coaching sessions. NO PARTNER REQUIRED.


Sunday 4 pm:           Latin Dance Drill Class ( Nov-Dec 2020) Practice and Practice                                        correctly!!! 40 minute class designed to practice/drill                                                      technique. (RUMBA, CHA CHA, SAMBA, JIVE). 

Mondays 7 pm:        Ladies' Technique and Styling  (Nov-Dec 2020)emphasis on                                      internal body awareness and connectivity to create quality of                                      movement: balance, isolation, musicality and femininity.                                              RUMBA only.

Tuesdays 7 pm:        Jive Syllabus and Technique  (Nov-Dec 2020)  

                                    Beginner level and up. Review of Samba from Bronze to                                          Gold level. (Nov- JIVE).

Coming Soon:           Advanced Technique and Styling Variations Drill                                                           Advance your dancing!!! technique drill and Open                                                            Gold choreography. Levels Open Bronze-Open Gold.                                                    RUMBA/CHA CHA.


Saturday 12 pm:       Company B  - Performance based class.  Structured routine                                        with Conptemporary dance components.                                       

***Contact Nonci directly for pricing and registration and she will send you the Zoom invitation. 

***Private Coaching available on Zoom and IN-STUDIO, for 45 minutes and full hour sessions at a great rate!!

***Be safe and stay well!!


**Proud member of The National Dance Council of America (NDCA), the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (London), AGMA, and AEA


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